Monday, April 3, 2017

Back to work

Hello, literary lovers, here you find me in front of Shakespeare and Company, home of my book Writers in Paris, Literary Lives in the City of Light, happy to have April at last and starting my literary walks for the year.  So please take a look in the  heading called The Walks in my website and see what juicy things are to be found there.  

As the book says, "'A magnet,' a 'Mecca,' an 'incubator,' a 'hothouse' for writers -- all these we things Paris has been called, and rightly so.  No other city has attracted so much literary talent, launched so many illustrious careers, or produced such a wealth of enduring literature."

And, "Just as our writers were enriched by living in Paris, our appreciation of their lives and their works -- and indeed in the city inself -- is heightened by follow them from place to place in our imaginations, or even better, in our walking shoes." 


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