Monday, April 8, 2013

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, the neighborhood being the Place de la Contrescarpe/Rue Mouffetard quarter of the Latin Quarter, and the day being yesterday, Sunday.  A little nippy, perhaps, but not in the sun under this perfectly clear blue sky. I should have shot some pictures, but I was too engaged in talking with my walking friends about my local heroes Hemingway, Joyce, Balzac, Hugo and other writers.  Here we are at the Rue du Pot de Fer, where George Orwell began his career as a writer.  That was with Down and Out in Paris and London, his first book.  

My walkers in this picture are on my right Pamela Jensen and on my left Ruthanne Martin and Jennifer Wilks.  They were surprised to find out that Orwell's name was not Orwell. They wondered why he used a pseudonym. And why the name Orwell?  Where did that now-famous name come from?  And what was his real name?  I've done this walk many times, but I've yet to have anyone come up with that.  Food for a Google ... or far more amusing, a walk in Paris.  

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